Matthew  Berry, MBA

Matthew Berry, MBA

Portfolio Manager


  • University of Nottingham, Bachelor of Science in Physics & Philosophy, 2004
  • MBA, Columbia Business School, 2010
  • Joined Buttonwood in 2023


Matt learned the art of value investing while getting his MBA at Columbia Business School, where he completed the selective Value Investing Program. He moved to Baltimore in 2010 to join Lane Five Capital Management, a value-oriented hedge fund founded by Lisa Rapuano, former Co-PM of the Legg Mason Opportunity Trust (made famous by legendary investor Bill Miller). He has been hunting for mispriced securities ever since.

Matt started his career in London as a consultant with Accenture and a business valuations analyst with Deloitte. After business school and Lane Five, he worked on private transactions in the MidAtlantic region, leading to two stints as CFO. Latterly, Matt rejoined the public markets as a securities analyst at Patient Capital Management (current manager of the Opportunity Trust). Now at Buttonwood, he continues scouring public markets for good businesses trading at less than their economic worth.

“Business is an unpredictable endeavor and markets are prone to overreaction. So whenever good companies create bad news, I’m there looking for prices that don’t reflect a good understanding of the issuer’s prospects. At the right price, a good business can create tremendous value for shareholders.”


Matt grew up in Yorkshire, England. He lives in Baltimore City with his wife and son, both Maryland natives.


Matt is obsessed with the interrelation between quantum mechanics and consciousness. He’s a hoot at parties.