Our investment management services are based on the concept of value investing, a timeless and disciplined approach that focuses on the intrinsic value of a company relative to its stock price. Value investing is a know‐what‐you‐own approach.



When building your portfolio, we look for good businesses trading at attractive prices— companies that generate plentiful cash, have well-defined growth prospects, proven management, and products or services with enduring appeal. When we uncover good businesses trading at attractive prices, we act for the benefit of our clients.



We believe the path to wealth is to own your way to riches, rather than attempting to trade your way there. So once we’ve identified quality businesses worth owning, we invest both in the stock and in time. We believe reputable businesses can do the heavy lifting of compounding your wealth.



We like to say, “Up and down is okay; down and out is not.” While the stock market will be volatile, focusing on quality businesses is comforting. Larger companies with well-established operations often enjoy relatively stable operating results. By focusing on the cash flow companies are able to produce, it is much easier to see value when pessimism is strongest. Likewise, it warns against getting excessively eager when markets soar. Investors can take comfort in companies that have matured beyond the proof of concept stage, even when markets don’t cooperate.

That being said, we understand that fluctuations can cause concern. As your financial advocate, we’re always available to talk through current market trends and assess how they may or may not affect your investment strategy.

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Once the planning is done, half the battle is won. You’ll be aware of both the opportunities and possible challenges ahead, and you’ll be armed with the right information to tackle them both. Next, you'll need to invest to bring your plan to life.