Jim Rossman, PhD

Jim Rossman, PhD

Financial Advisor


  • PhD University of MD, Economics
  • Founder and Managing Member of variPhase Financial Partners, LLC 2001 – 2023
  • Practicing since 1997
  • Brought his clients to Buttonwood in 2023


Jim brought his clients to Buttonwood Financial Advisors, where he manages their relationships and participates in investment decisions for their accounts as well as financial planning and client service. He says he shamelessly leverages his new colleagues for everything else.

“Meet your clients where they are, plan how to get them from there to where they want to be and help make their life more worry free along the way -- you are a professional success.”


One of seven children in his family, Jim was raised in Omaha Nebraska, spent his undergraduate years in Oregon, came to Maryland for five years in 1975, and has stayed ever since. He benefits from five plus decades with his wife Laura and the successes of their two adult progeny.


Jim’s mom is a Centenarian so he hopes his runway still has some distance. Jim and their dog, Lil’ Bear, enjoy stoop sitting with their Canton neighbors.