Something to Share

Something to Share

September 04, 2020

Please watch the following message for an exciting announcement, we think you'll appreciate.

With your confidence and referrals we've grown over the last 12 years, and we've insisted on doing so responsibly.

  • We've hired knowledgeable advisors to serve you and your friends.
  • We've welcomed a partner focused specifically on managing your investments.
  • We've refined our planning process and introduced modern programs to offer better and more dynamic advice.
  • We've hired support to make sure things run smoothly for you.

Having achieved many of our goals for a smooth running business to serve you, we'd like to share some of the benefit of the success that has come exclusively from your referrals. With your agreement, we are excited to lower the rates we charge for our services. Moreover, we'd like to adopt contract terms that will allow us to do so again and again if, as we hope, we continue to grow in the same way and for the same reasons.

Please watch your mail for an updated agreement that includes these terms. When we receive your signed agreement, we'll make the planned adjustment to the fee schedule for your accounts.

Thank you for your confidence, your trust, your support, and your referrals.

Damian, Jeff, Alex, Gennadiy, Rebecca, and Lisa